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JAKAPA can help you improve productivity, retention and employee engagement

Showcase your company’s growth mindset, diversify your employee development and wellness programming, and improve retention, customer satisfaction and efficiency with JAKAPA’s assessments and tools.

Soft skills impact your bottom line.
  • 82% of employees quit due to a manager’s bad soft skills.
  • 17 Hours per employee per week are wasted clarifying previous communication.
  • $1.5 million is wasted each year by an average company of 50 employees due to ineffective soft skills.
The Challenge

Are soft skills impacting your productivity and retention rate?

73% of employers say they cannot find graduates with sufficient soft skills (SHRM). Are you one of them? JAKAPA can help.

A 1918 study concluded that 80% of success is due to soft skills and 100 years later we still fail to produce graduates with sufficient skills.

The Partnership for 21st Century Learning identified that professionalism/work ethic, teamwork/collaboration and oral communications are the key characteristics they need in their employees.

How much does a lack of soft skills cost your organization annually?

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The Solution

Address the foundational issue that prevents productivity and engagement - a lack of soft skills

JAKAPA is a comprehensive, customizable web-based solution and Skills Tracker App that builds skill awareness, alignment and engagement through self and peer assessments and a personalized learning and support system.

Soft skills are the professional skills that matter and investing in them has a great return on investment! JAKAPA measures up to 32 skills in five domains. Let JAKAPA build you a Profile of a Worker that identifies the key skills your employees need to be successful, so you can make better hiring and promotion decisions, increase productivity, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your teams.


JAKAPA’s program includes unlimited administrations of self and peer assessments. The more you use it, the greater its impact.

Assess your employees and develop a Profile of a Worker based on the skills that predict success.

Use JAKAPA peer assessments to inform employee development programs.

Administer peer assessments to teams and gain feedback on leadership.


JAKAPA users see self assessment data in real time. You can schedule when you release peer assessment results to correspond with performance reviews or employee training.

JAKAPA’s reports show personal data, comparative data and growth data.


JAKAPA’s Skills Challenges are personalized and flexible. Develop an incentive and rewards system that will motivate your staff to embark on a journey of self and team improvement.

JAKAPA’s skills challenges provide experiential professional development. Use the skills challenges to frame a reward program or internal credentialing program.

JAKAPA’s informational resources on each domain helps users better understand the domains, the skills and why they are important.

JAKAPA’s data debrief protocols provide guidance on reading data and reflective questions to guide individual and team goal setting.

Measure | Train | Track Soft Skills.

Guides & Workbooks

Jakapa User Workbooks

Complete inventories, engage in reflective activities and learn ways to build skills in our user workbook.

Jakapa's Leader Guide

Use JAKAPA’s leadership guides to contextualize client data and facilitate discussions and action planning to address skill deficits and build leadership teams.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Students with JAKAPA

Learn how to effectively measure student soft skills development.