JAKAPA measures, trains, and tracks soft skills. We help businesses improve their productivity and decrease turnover.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Hire for Hard Skills, Fire for Soft Skills?”

A lack of soft skills is the #1 reason an employee is fired.

It’s also what drives away your great employees. Manager’s soft skills directly impact productivity and turnover.

17 hours per employee per week are wasted due to clarifying previous communication. 82% of employees say they will quit due to their manager’s bad soft skills. $1.5M is wasted each year by an average company of 50 employees due to their employees’ bad soft skills.

JAKAPA fills the gaps in existing solutions. We do that by providing frequent feedback, experiential learning and an actionable dashboard available anytime, anywhere all from your mobile device.

We enhance what you are already doing by providing an impact measurement so you know if what you are doing is actually working and experiential learning that helps your employees practice these skills in the real world.

Measure | Train | Track Soft Skills.

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