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JAKAPA is an assessment and development program that builds 32 critical soft skills in five domains: self-management, innovation, social engagement, emotional resilience and cooperation.

JAKAPA’s Skill Builder App

JAKAPA’s Skill Builder app provides learning anywhere, anytime. Much like a fitness tracker, users can set goals, track daily progress, engage in challenges and monitor growth.

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Why Choose JAKAPA?

JAKAPA’s assessment and learning system develops self-awareness and builds 32 soft skills in 5 domains: self-management, innovation, cooperation, social engagement and emotional resilience.

Measure | Train | Track | Succeed

What Best Describes You?

Coaches & Consultants

JAKAPA can accelerate success with your clients, improve strategy implementation and prove your impact.

Executives & Business Leaders

JAKAPA can improve your leaders and impact productivity, engagement, retention, corporate culture and team productivity.


JAKAPA can get your students future ready. Improve graduation rates, attendance and attainment of career credentials while reducing discipline and proactively supporting students’ mental health and skill development.


JAKAPA can help you land a job, compete for a promotion or secure admission to a college or technical school.

Measure | Train | Track | Succeed

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