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November 29, 2023 at 12 noon EST

Soft Skills

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Soft skills are the hot topic. They are skills such as communication, empathy, time management, emotional regulation and cooperation. Everyone recognizes we need them. 97% of employers say they are essential . However, 51% of employers do not think education is doing what is needed to close the soft skills gap . This webinar will showcase the skills students need and provide a number of ways to integrate soft skills training into your current programming. Student soft skills training is worth the effort. It increases graduation rates by 30% , improves attendance, assignment completion and increases math scores by 7.9% in boys and 10% in girls . If schools are not measuring, training and tracking soft skills, they are missing the opportunity to ensure all students are ready for their future. Join us to learn how you can incorporate soft skills training into your academic and student wellness programming.

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Experience the power of JAKAPA’s comprehensive assessment and learning system, designed to cultivate self-awareness and nurture 32 essential soft skills across five key domains: self-management, innovation, cooperation, social engagement, and emotional resilience.

Discover how JAKAPA sets the standard for soft skills development and start your journey toward future success today!

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JAKAPA can prepare your students for the future. It prepares students for the future, boosting graduation rates, career credentials, and mental health support while reducing discipline issues.

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JAKAPA can assist you in achieving your life and career goals by enhancing your employability, positioning you for promotions, and strengthening your application to colleges or technical schools.

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Using JAKAPA, access predictive data on district outcomes. Strong soft skills empower students to excel academically by enhancing communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and adaptability in the classroom.
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