JAKAPA can help you land a job, compete for a promotion or secure admission to a college or technical school.

You have learned academic and technical skills to prepare you for a job. Have you learned the soft skills you need to keep it?

Soft skills impact your ability to succeed.
  • 73% of employers struggle to find recent graduates with sufficient soft skills.
  • 8 of the 10 top skills for 2025 are soft skills.
  • Employers hire for technical and academic skills, but fire for soft skills.

Do You Have These Skills?

JAKAPA’s assessment and learning system develops self-awareness around 32 soft skills in 5 domains. These skills were identified by cross-walking many career readiness frameworks, such as 21st Century Skills, the Big 5, OECD’s career readiness skills and CASEL’s social and emotional skills.

You need these skills. They are linked to high school and college graduation, job attainment and retention, and life satisfaction.

Measure | Train | Track Soft Skills.

Workbooks & Materials

Jakapa User Workbooks

Complete inventories, engage in reflective activities and learn ways to build skills in our user workbook.