Coaches & Consultants


Your success is directly related to your client’s soft skills.

Co-founder, Dr. Lisa Riegel was also JAKAPA’s first coach and successfully implemented JAKAPA with her clients to address the foundational skill deficits that impact strategy development and execution, corporate climate and employee engagement and development.

JAKAPA can accelerate your success with your clients by: 
  • Providing an impact measure to prove your coaching is working.
  • Offering data clarity to focus your needs assessment and inform goals.
  • Serving as an early indicator warning by monitoring personal development engagement between sessions .
  • Improving longevity of contracts by embedding JAKAPA into your clients’ employee wellness and development programming.
Measure | Train | Track Soft Skills.

Guides & Workbooks

Jakapa User Workbooks

Complete inventories, engage in reflective activities and learn ways to build skills in our user workbook.

Jakapa's Leader Guide

Use JAKAPA’s leadership guides to contextualize client data and facilitate discussions and action planning to address skill deficits and build leadership teams.