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Learn why JAKAPA is essential for your skill development.
Enhance your creativity and decision-making.
Learn to set, track, and conquer your goals.
Experience a paradigm shift in perspective.
Practical strategies for resetting your brain's response.
Domain(s): Emotional Resilience, Stress Regulation
Nail your soft skills with our mock interview rubric.
Learn to interpret JAKAPA dashboards for actionable insights.
Discover how JAKAPA enhances your child's soft skills.
5-minute video on JAKAPA's impactful weekly challenges.
Learn to start and incentivize JAKAPA with this 7-minute video.
Informative letter explaining JAKAPA's program for parents.
Enhance teaching with methods that develop essential soft skills.
PPT about soft skills' impact on health, happiness, and outcomes.
Guide to JAKAPA: domains, skills, challenges, and schedules.
Unlock self-reflection through the power of asking.
Domain(s): Innovation, Self-Reflection
Mastering information overload: strategies for processing large amounts of information
Domain(s): Information Processing, Innovation
Navigating feedback: distinguishing good from bad
Domain(s): Information Processing, Innovation
Unlocking your inner artist
Domain(s): Artistic, Innovation
The four components of cultural competence
Domain(s): Cultural Competence, Innovation
Abstract thinking versus concrete thinking
Domain(s): Abstract Thinking, Innovation
Self-reflection and how to use it
Domain(s): Innovation, Self-Reflection
Top 10 ways to boost creativity
Domain(s): Creativity, Innovation
Learn strategies to prioritize and manage responsibilities effectively.
Domain(s): Responsibility Management, Self-Management
Hone your note-taking skills for effective self-management.
Domain(s): Self-Management
Learn to excel in following directions with precision.
Domain(s): Detail Management, Self-Management
Learn the art of effective organization strategies.
Domain(s): Organization, Self-Management
Enhance your skills with 3 effective habits.
Domain(s): Decision Making, Self-Management
Efficient strategies for better time management.
Domain(s): Self-Management, Time Management
Discover goal types, importance, and effective goal-setting strategies.
Domain(s): Goal Regulation, Self-Management
Learn why executive functioning is crucial for self-management.
Domain(s): Self-Management
Master the skill of compromise for collaborative success.
Domain(s): Cooperation
Guide to navigating and resolving conflicts effectively.
Domain(s): Cooperation
Simple ways to radiate friendliness and social warmth.
Domain(s): Cooperation, Social Warmth
Explore the principles shaping your ethical decisions.
Domain(s): Cooperation, Ethical Capacity
Discover the types and meanings of nonverbal communication.
Domain(s): Cooperation
Learn how perspective taking enhances cooperation skills.
Domain(s): Cooperation, Perspective Taking
Learn 10 essential tips to be a great team player.
Domain(s): Cooperation, Teamwork
Discover strategies for relaxation and stress regulation.
Domain(s): Emotional Resilience, Stress Regulation
Master self-reliance with our concise guide.
Domain(s): Emotional Resilience, Independence
Learn to spot early signs and effectively manage anger.
Domain(s): Anger Management, Emotional Resilience
Boost success and friendships by mastering confidence regulation.
Domain(s): Confidence Regulation, Emotional Resilience
Strategies to master impulse control.
Domain(s): Emotional Resilience, Impulse Regulation
Enhance resilience by fostering optimism in daily life.
Domain(s): Emotional Resilience, Optimism
Cultivate adaptability to navigate stress effectively.
Domain(s): Adaptability, Emotional Resilience
Master the stress cycle and regain control over your brain's response.
Domain(s): Emotional Resilience, Stress Regulation
Discover the essential elements for building trust effectively.
Domain(s): Capacity for Trust, Cooperation