The Benefits of Developing Soft Skills

Soft Skill Development = Great ROI!

Soft skill development has a great return on investment. Strong communication skills increase productivity and foster a positive and cooperative culture. Strong self-management skills improve productivity. Strong emotional resilience skills increase attendance, retention, and engagement.

JAKAPA partnered with the BESSI Research Group, which identified 32 critical soft skills and developed and validated an assessment to measure them. Their extensive research on these skills shows they predict important adolescent outcomes, including school grades, academic engagement, occupational interests, social status, relationship quality, civic engagement, and well-being

JAKAPA's Soft Skill Training can amplify your PBIS

Many schools have developed positive behavior intervention support systems and use social and emotional skills curricula. Still, these programs can have a low return on investment without an embedded, integrating focus on soft skills. JAKAPA measures, trains, and tracks these skills with 10 to 15 minutes of engagement daily. Our gamified system provides valuable insights for teachers and students to better understand themselves and the skills they need to succeed.

Without Soft Skill Training, we are setting up students for failure

Indeed reports that soft skills training has many benefits, including Increased productivity, improved customer service, increased self-confidence, increased retention rates, improved job satisfaction, increased customer loyalty, improved team dynamics, and a greater ability to adapt. We must focus on this critical set of skills to prepare students for their futures. Without them, we are setting up students for failure. Getting fired can have dramatic psychological effects that prevent people from finding employment. If the soft skills were the root cause of the termination, they would continue to fail. Symptoms of somatization, depression, and anxiety were significantly more significant in the unemployed than in the employed

JAKAPA can Help

JAKAPA can help ensure your students don’t experience job loss or failure due to a lack of soft skills. Improve student outcomes, wellness, and confidence by dedicating 10 to 15 minutes daily to developing soft skills. Ensure your teachers are ready for their classrooms and your students are future-ready. Contact JAKAPA today for a demo!

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