JAKAPA’s Transformative Impact at McKendree University

McKendree University recently acknowledged the remarkable impact of JAKAPA on our college students. Dr. Jean M. Scheller-Sampson, Chair of the School of Business and Professor of Management and Marketing, shared that JAKAPA was a game-changer for our students’ soft skills development. The platform’s personalized feedback and actionable recommendations go beyond assessment, catalyzing substantial growth. JAKAPA empowers our students to confidently navigate academic and personal challenges, resulting in tangible improvements. Our students are now better equipped, more resilient, and poised for excellence in their academic journey and beyond. JAKAPA continues to be a game-changer, aligning seamlessly with McKendree’s commitment to student success and holistic development.

Dr. Jean M. Scheller-Sampson, Chair
School of Business
Professor of Management and Marketing
McKendree University

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