JAKAPA addresses employers’ soft skills crisis

We measure what matters and what we measure matters. Soft skills definitely matter! In fact, they directly impact your organization’s climate, productivity and impact. 81% of companies struggle to hire employees with strong soft skills73% of hiring managers report finding graduates with sufficient soft skills to be extremely challenging. This skills gap exists because educational programming isn’t investing time and strategy in building soft skills. So, the burden falls to employers to close this gap. The time is now to address the soft skills crisis. By 2030, 30-40% of jobs will depend on soft skills.

JAKAPA measures what matters

JAKAPA measures, trains and tracks 32 soft skills in five areas: self-management, social engagement, innovation, emotional resilience and cooperation. We measure what matters. Our data provides insights that impact leadership, employee development, hiring protocols and collaboration. The top three soft skills in short supply are problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity. These three skills are part of the innovation set of skills measured by JAKAPA.


JAKAPA starts with self-assessments. Organizations can conduct a skills scan to learn how skills are distributed over departments or job roles. They then triangulate the data to look for insights into their productivity, attendance, retention or leadership data. Our data dashboards show strengths, areas for improvement and growth data by domain or specific skills. Employers can use this data to make sure their teams have the underlying skills for success. The data will also help leaders understand the supports they need to provide to prevent skills gaps from becoming a liability.

Peer assessments

JAKAPA also includes peer assessments. Including perspectives from teammates or direct reports can uncover discrepancies due to poor communication. These assessments can help people understand where and how they are leveraging their skills. Further, discrepancies between how leaders view their skills and how their direct reports view them can explain a lot about corporate culture and team productivity and collaboration. Employees can use comparative data to inform professional and personal goal setting as well.

Actionable data

Finally, JAKAPA data is actionable. Our data can help explain the underlying causes for other outcome data an organization tracks.  We also provide a full development system that includes weekly challenges. Each week, our system offers daily challenges that teach the skills and provide ongoing activities to develop habits related to skill building. For example, our Achieve a Goal skill builder has users set daily actions they can do to achieve goals and then track their progress. This data can be valuable during employee performance reviews, as it can show the efforts people are making toward closing their skills gaps. Engagement data can also be compared to growth data to show how skill building efforts are paying off. Employers can see completion rates of weekly challenges and access a leaderboard to incentivize and reward employees who are actively working on their soft skills.

Address the soft skills crisis now

Fortune 500 CEOs report that 75% of long-term job success depends on soft skills, while only 25% depends on technical skills. Employees report being happier, more creative and more innovative when working for a supervisor with good soft skills. JAKAPA can help organizations build awareness around these skills and how they impact culture and success. 

Visit www.jakapa.com to learn more about the skills we measure, train and track. Together we can address the soft skills crisis.

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