Using JAKAPA as a credit-bearing elective course on soft skills

Employers want employees with good soft skills. More than half of the US employers say the US education system is not adequately closing the soft skills gap. Providing a credit-bearing elective course focused on soft skills development can set your graduates apart as they compete for college admissions, scholarship funding or a job. 

85% of job success comes from soft skills and 15% comes from academic and technical skills. Therefore, helping your students become future ready requires a focus on soft skills. Soft skills also help your students graduate. Good soft skills increase the likelihood of graduating by 64%!

JAKAPA measures, trains and tracks soft skills in a totally gamified system students can access from their phone or a computer. JAKAPA requires 10-15 minutes of engagement daily to complete tasks in each weekly challenge.  This allows students to achieve the seat time necessary to award ¼ credit annually for engaging in the JAKAPA program. 

Here is some guidance for using JAKAPA as a credit-bearing elective course on soft skills development.

Advisory periods for credit

If your school has an advisory period, students can engage in JAKAPA daily during that period to meet the hour requirements for credit. You can ask your Board of Education to approve the advisory class as a ¼ credit annually. The advisory teacher can be the teacher of record. 

JAKAPA doesn’t require any lessons or grading on the teacher’s part. Our system can integrate seamlessly with a teacher’s gradebook. All teachers need to do is incentivize and reward JAKAPA engagement each day by setting aside time at the beginning or the end of the period. Then they report the final grade at the end of the semester or year. 

Each time a student cycles through the weekly challenges, the reading and instructions change. Students will be using the same platform, but applying it differently at varying degrees of difficulty and complexity. Over a high school career, students will engage approximately 24 times with the various skill sets. This gives them time to practice a wide variety of activities that will help them build each skill. They will earn a full credit of soft skills training on their transcripts, which is attractive to employers and post secondary institutions. 

Add-on to existing career development or CTE course

CTE courses already have soft skills in their curriculum, so JAKAPA is a great fit. You can schedule JAKAPA as a partner course that is automatically assigned to students enrolled in CTE courses with their CTE teacher as the teacher of record. The teacher can assign JAKAPA as daily homework to extend learning beyond the school day. They can also incentivize and reward growth and engagement in their course with friendly competitions. The teacher can extend the learning by assigning journals or reflections on the skills and enhance student self-awareness. They can also use the information as they explore careers and identify what skills matter in specific jobs or industries. 

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After school programming

Using JAKAPA with your 21st CCLC programs provides an out-of-school opportunity for students  to earn elective credit. The program schedule can set aside some time daily for JAKAPA usage and students can use it independently as part of their daily routine.  For more information about using JAKAPA with youth development programs or 21st CCLC programs, click here

A personalized, self-driven course

JAKAPA is designed with everything a student needs in the system. You can use JAKAPA as an independent study or flex credit for students who would like to earn a soft skills elective credit. The program requires 10-15 minutes daily and students can opt to use it in the evening or whenever it is convenient for them. Using JAKAPA as a self-driven course teaches students responsibility and self-reliance, as they will need to manage their time and engage daily.

For more information, go to to learn more about our approach to soft skills development, and schedule a demo today! 

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