Countering LD and ADHD False Positive Diagnoses: Another Pandemic Challenge

Countering LD and ADHD False Positive Diagnoses:  Another Pandemic Challenge

Schools are seeing more students with learning, emotional and behavioral problems as a result of Covid 19. Kids come to school anxious, depressed, stressed and lagging behind academically. Schools are cautioned about misdiagnosing students with either a learning disability or attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, two of the most common learning and behavior problems. Educators need to be aware that the problems manifested at school by most youngsters at this time tend not to be rooted primarily in personal pathology. This article highlights the challenge for schools by (1) underscoring the problem, (2) suggesting an alternative way of categorizing learning and behavior problems, and (3) exploring how schools can stem the tide of false positive diagnoses.

We are excited that JAKAPA can help students become engaged in their education and work on improving their executive functioning skills.

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