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JAKAPA is an Award Winning Personalized and Gamified Coaching Program. Just 10 Minutes a Day Develops the Skills needed to Excel in Leadership, Communication, Time Management, and Creativity.

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  1. Award Winning Gamified Mobile App
  2. Strengthen their Daily Routine with 10-Minutes of targeted practice, reflection, and feedback.
  3. Leadership Development that will help them shine on teams, clubs, and organizations.
  4. Win More Scholarships -> Include JAKAPA’s Soft Skills Growth Data on their college and scholarship essays!
  5. Stand Out on the Common App Profile, College Applications, and Resumes with a Career Readiness Extracurricular!
  6. Earn a Soft Skill Certificate upon completion of 10 weekly challenges.
  7. Weekly Parent Newsletter with proven tips for improving your child’s life skills like Leadership, Communication, Time Management, and Creativity.
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  9. Prepare them to be Future-Ready.

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What’s JAKAPA?

Trusted by thousands of parents all over the United States, JAKAPA is an award-winning, research-based soft skill-building mobile application.

In just 10 minutes per day, your child will get the practice, reflection, and feedback they need to develop their soft skills, all while building a profile they can use to advocate for themselves in their college applications, scholarship applications, and job interviews.

JAKAPA’s valid, reliable data and profile make your child more likely to get into college, get a scholarship, or get a job!

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Improve 32 Skills
Daily Challenges & Assessments
College Ready Student

What you get with JAKAPA?

The Challenge Your Child Faces

Are you worried that your child will:

Graduate and not be future-ready?


Not be successful in their college or career path?


Have long term effects from spending so much time in virtual classrooms during COVID?

You’re not alone.

These are early signs of poorly developed soft skills:

Poorly Developed Soft Skills Lead to BIG Problems Later in Life

Here's How Having Strong Soft Skills Will Affect Your Child:

Soft skills are the single greatest predictor of career and life success, being 169% stronger predictor than IQ or Educational Achievement. If you want your child or loved one to be happy, healthy, and successful – help them develop their soft skills, with JAKAPA.

Soft Skills Are The Strongest Predictor of Success

169% Stronger Predictor of Career and Life Success than IQ or Educational Achievement.

They Will Be More Likely To Graduate If They Have Soft Skills

Students with good soft skills are 65% more likely to graduate college.

They Will Feel Comfortable In Interviews and Social Engagements

Only 20% of people feel confident talking about their soft skills in a job interview or application.

They Will Secure A Job

73% of Hiring Managers can’t find graduates with sufficient soft skills.

They Will Keep Their Job And Get Noticed

89% of Hiring Managers state that soft skills are the primary reason for firing.

We Measure Across 5 Skill Domains

JAKAPA’s assessment and development system addresses 32 foundational skills in five domains.

Social Engagement

  • Leadership
  • Conversational
  • Expressive
  • Persuasive
  • Energy Regulation

Self Management

  • Goal Regulation
  • Decision Making
  • Task Management
  • Organization
  • Detail Management
  • Rule Following
  • Consistency
  • Time Management
  • Responsibility Management


  • Creativity
  • Information Processing
  • Cultural Competence
  • Artistic
  • Self-Reflection
  • Abstract Thinking


  • Perspective Taking
  • Social Warmth
  • Teamwork
  • Capacity for Trust
  • Ethical Capacity

Emotional Resilience

  • Stress Regulation
  • Optimism
  • Anger Management
  • Confidence Regulation
  • Independence
  • Adaptability
  • Impulse Regulation

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Changing the Lives of Kids Like Yours!

“JAKAPA’s data made writing my college admissions essays super easy. I just told my journey of self-reflection and improvement, plus I had data to back it up!”

– Maria L., Senior 2022, St. Louis, Missouri

“After virtual learning during Covid, I have been worried about my son’s executive function. JAKAPA has helped me get my son back on track.”

– Mike F., Concerned Parent, California

“I used the data from my JAKAPA profile in a job interview. My new boss was so impressed that I was prepared and reflective in the interview. I got the job!”

– Tim L., Graduate 2022, Missouri

“I’m so used to my daughter coming home and my only interaction with her is when I ask how school was and she says, “Fine” and then goes to her room. JAKAPA allows me to engage her in quality time. We set goals together every week using the app and talk about stress and how to be more assertive. Thanks, JAKAPA!”

– Stefanie T., Concerned Parent, Ohio


How It Works

Ensure your child is future ready with JAKAPA, scientifically proven to build soft skills in just 10 minutes a day all from your phone, computer, or tablet. Empower their potential and nurture key abilities such as critical thinking, communication, and adaptability. JAKAPA’s engaging exercises make learning enjoyable while preparing your child for the challenges of tomorrow.


Each weekly challenge focuses on 1 of our 5 core focus areas:

  1. Self & Time Management
  2. Ideas & Information Processing
  3. Emotion & Stress Management
  4. Relationship & Team Management
  5. Leadership & Communication

Expect your child to take about 10 minutes daily, Monday through Friday, to complete the weekly challenge. This can be done on our mobile app or web platform using a phone, tablet, or computer.


The weekly challenge includes:

  1. Short Action-Oriented Reading Assignments
  2. Self-Assessments
  3. Opportunity to Request External Feedback from a Teacher, Coach, Mentor, Friend, Family Member, Etc.
  4. Real-World Reflection Inventories
  5. Daily Habit-Forming Skill Builders
  6. Skill Development Exercises
  7. End-of-the-Week Reflection on Strengths and Growth Areas

Engagement and assessment data are captured in your child’s profile and they can earn badges, points and see their spot on a leaderboard. They will also have reports that encourage them to think about their top skill areas, areas for growth, their self-awareness of their skills, and their growth over time.

What Does Your Child Get Out Of Jakapa?

  1. In just weeks, your child’s JAKAPA profile will provide information that leads to valuable insights. They will know their strengths, become more self-aware and have the information they need to showcase their personal brand and discuss their skill development.
  2. A fun and engaging daily routine with proven practices and strategies for building the soft skills, self-awareness, and self-confidence they need to be successful in life!
  3. Data they can leverage to unlock life changing opportunities like scholarships, internship placements, leadership opportunities and so much more…


That is 100% fine! They can access JAKAPA from a web browser, on  a computer or tablet. Just go to to login.

We encourage you to view JAKAPA as a conversation starter. Ask them about their weekly challenges or the goals they are setting, help them understand why these skills are important by talking about your own experiences. You can build a skills-based culture in your home.

We will also send you a weekly engagement email with helpful tips on how you can develop these skills more at home!

Start Building a Brighter Future for Your Child Today with JAKAPA!

Fostering youth

JAKAPA measures, trains, and tracks soft skills. We will make your child ready for their future!


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